I was honored to be asked to speak at the first ever Ignite Boulder. It took place in a classroom on the CU campus with maybe thirty people showing up. Since that time, the event has grown in magnitude and now sells out venues like the Boulder Theater and the Chautauqua Auditorium, with more than a thousand in attendance. It's one of my favorite events in Boulder and the community support is unlike any other.


From the Mic to the meetup...

There are many similarities between the worlds of stand-up comedy and start-up mentality. I share my experiences in both worlds and how the lessons learned in stand-up have helped me navigate the start-up scene. Especially as a woman.


Lessons Learned from being a 5-day Family Feud Champion

It's true. Not only was I on a game show with my family when I was 13, we were really good. Watch to see horrendous pictures of me with bangs and braces, stay for the hard-earned wisdom I gained.


The art of the extra

I speak to the beauty in the details and how extras can make or break a movie. By sharing my experiences as an extra in two cult classics to looking at the overall importance of extras in providing reality and depth to a scene, this one celebrates the unsung heroes of cinema.